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Kashinath (actor)

OccupationActor,producer,director, music director
Childrenalok kashinath
Kashinath is an actor and a director in the Kannada Film Industry in India, generally known in the industry as a trend setter. He probably started the trend of acting, directing, music directing and the producing of films. He stunned not just the film industry but also the audience through the success of films, because of his unconventional (some would call even tag it 'weird') looks, dialogue delivery and style of movie making (hard to find a citation for this but most people in the industry accept this when interviewed).[citation needed] Not only did he make popular movies but he also opened doors for other promising directors like UpendraManohar and Sunil Kumar Desai. He is known for giving chances to youngsters who have made names in Kannada Film Industry and beyond. He is known to have an exceptional eye for talent, a trait acknowledged by his well established disciples (Upendra, Manohar, Sunil Kumar Desai to name a few).
His films generally touched subjects which were often regarded as taboo in the Indian society and thus attracted the tag of being vulgar by some critics; In fact, most people associate "double meaning" with Kashinath and many even go to the extent of attributing the decline of Kannada Film quality to him. Despite the criticisms his films have had an impact on the society as well as the industry. Some of his movie dialogues have entered common lingo; for example the extremely popular phrase of "Mangalooru Manjunatha" (from the film 'Love Madi Nodu'). He directed, produced, and acted in many well known films such asAnubhavaAnantana AvantaraAvale Nanna Hendthi and Hendathi Andhray Haygirabeku. His film Ajagajaanthara (1991) was remade in Hindi as Judaai (1997) starring Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Urmila Matondkar. His film Avale Nanna Hendthi(1988) was remade in Hindi as Jawani Zindabad (1997) starring Aamir Khan and Farah.


He started his film journey as a director, even though being a science graduate with the movie Aparoopada Athitigalu in the year 1975. He borrowed money from his business man father to produce that movie, which was comedy and was a successful movie as well. His second movie was a suspense thriller Aparichita in the year 1978 which starred well known actors like Suresh HeblikarSunderkrishns Urs and others, was also successful. This movie was trend setter movie of the Kannada film industry. He directed the same movie in Hindi titled Beshak starring Mithun Chakraborty. He went on direct 16 movies of varied genres, which were all very successful at the box-office. He first acted in the movie Anubhava, along with debutantes Abinaya and Umashree in the year 1984. The popular song in the movie hodeya doora o jothegara was written by debutanate V. Manohar who later turned to be successful Music director in Kannda Film Industray. Anubhava was remade in Hindi as Anubhav under his direction. He also acted in a movie Avale Nanna Hendthi along with Kannada film industry's top actress Bhavya and Thara, in 1988. This movie which touched the prevalent social issue of dowry burning was a big hit. He went to direct comedies like Avane Nanna Ganda and Manmatharaja in 1989, Chapalachennigaraaya in 1990, shhh directed by Upendra and Hello Yama in 1995. He has acted in more than 40 movies in his career. He has directed 2 Hindi movies and several telugu movies as well. He was one of the popular heroes of 80s in the Kannada Film Industry.
Such was the influence of Kashinath in the Kannada Film Industry that the decade of 1980s is often referred to as Kashinath's yuga (period) as all the hit films given by him are of the 1980s. Kashinath also made many hit movies with Upendra as his assistant director. Upendra himself acknowledges Kashinath as his 'Guru' (Master) and considers working with Kashinath as 'Gurukula' (University) [Check Hejje Guruthu, produced by TV9 featuring either Kashinath or Upendra/Uppi)].
No. of films produced: 11- Kannada, 1-Hindi, 1-Telugu (Total-13)
No. of Films written and Directed: 13- Kannada, 2-Hindi, 1-Telugu (Total-16)
As a Dialogue Writer: 7 - Kannada
As a Lyrics writer: 3 - Kannada
As a music director: 1 - Kannada, 1-Telugu (Total-2)
As an actor: 40 - Kannada, 1-Telugu (Total-41).

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